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--Note: This story contains giantess growth combined with weight gain.--

Kate had a strange taste for certain things, which you could tell if you saw her porn collection. Breast expansion, belly expansion…but she had a lot of weight gain (or just very fat) pictures of women, and other where they grew taller..and wider and…great..tits…

Kate shuddered, gripping the chair behind her head while her fingers had slipped under her panties and worked furiously at her clit, climaxing.

"Fuck! Every time," she muttered, surprised at how hard she came each time she touched herself about turning into a giantess. It was a dream of hers, to get taller and taller, able to crush people smaller than her and intimidate them into running away. She also wanted to get FAT.

Her 5'6" frame stood up from the chair, legs shaking as she made her way into the kitchen. At 120 lbs, she had nice C-cup breasts, flat stomach, slightly puffed up butt, shapely legs. Everything a man would dream of, but not her. She wanted to get plump, fat, obese, and immobile; but no matter how much she ate or little exercise she did, Kate couldn't seem to put on a single pound.

Until tonight.

The full moon shone brightly in her bedroom, having passed an unpredicted eclipse she wasn't aware of. Kate had brought into her room a gallon of icecream and a gallon of chocolate milk, and sat them down on her empty nightstand. Climbing onto her bed, she wore some pink pajama pants and her favorite black bra. Resting her back on her mini-mountain of pillows against the headboard, and stretched her long shapely legs onto the bed. Even though Kate hasn't been able to gain, she could take in a good amount of food, and she would. And she's enjoy her overstuffed belly. But tonight saw different plans.

Grabbing the large spoon, she picked up the gallon of vanilla ice cream, popped off the lid back on the nighstand, and took a big scoop. She licked the ice cream slowly, her tongue moving across it as though a lover, turning the spoon as she did, before shoving it in her mouth. With a small moan, she swallowed the mouthful of delicious ice cream and reached for another..when he feet left the bed and her bra dug into her back.

"What?" Kate asked out loud, unsure what just happened. Looking down her long shapely legs, they were longer, thicker and her pajamas started to get snug. Her bra dug into her back and her breasts cramped, as they overflowed her bra. Kate didn't even notice her belly until she cupped her larger breasts: she had a puff to her belly!

"Oh my god, oh my god," was all she could say, looking over her body. It didn't truly occur to her she was getting taller as the sudden weight gain was all she could think of. "I should..I should eat more! Yes…mm and get fatter…"

Kate was moaning as she took another two large spoonfuls and shoved them into her mouth. As she swallowed and reach for more, ripping sounds would be heard as her pajamas seemed to look too short for her, and small! Bits of fat pushed through as they tore apart, her legs spreading to straddle the bed with the ice cream in front of her. Her belly pushed out a good foot and a half now, and Kate let out a sigh of relief as her bra broke apart and she tossed it to the side. Her tits, plumping out, sat on her belly.

She took another 3 bites, no longer filling her mouth with the ice creams as she did a moment ago. Not that she noticed, Kate only groaned as she felt her body get heavier and fatter. Her head was nearing the ceiling now as her pajama pants burst off to show her straining panties and thick fat thighs. Her ass was getting bigger, spreading across the bed as Kate did, her panties ripping as they came off and hips widening out to take her bulk. Taking another big gulp, her head bumped the ceiling.

"Ow! Oh..holy shit," Kate said, realizing she'd been getting taller. " amazing! I gotta get out of the house…or I'll rip it to shreds."

Kate didn't care how, or why she was getting taller, and fatter. This was a dream come true! Taking her ice cream, just past half empty now and the unopened chocolate milk, she inched across the room, her sides breaking the door frame as she pushed into the hallway. Moving into the kitchen, she couldn't help but giggle as her feet and arms pushed dents or holes in the walls, her fat jiggling as she moved. Opening the fridge, she grabbed the 2nd gallon of ice cream and milk she was going to save for tomorrow and , crushed the door as she left into her backyard.

"Okay, boys," she said with a grin to her tits, "Let's get fatter for mama!"

Leaning her head back, she squeezed the last of the first bucket of ice cream into her mouth, then the 2nd gallon, and opened the milk bottles. With a squeeze, it shot into her mouth and she swallowed with a moan before tossing the empty containers away. Sitting with her legs spread, Kate felt herself get taller and wider hips, and  was rubbing her belly as it slowly expanded bigger..and bigger. Her tits started to swell fatter, staying round and pushing to spill on her sides as they ran out of room to sit on her belly. Her ass pushed against the fence as it swelled fatter, her body already taking over the backyard. Kate's belly spilled between her legs as her hand rubbed her thickening fat thighs, before moving to rub her wet pussy.

"Ohhh..gods!" Kate moaned, laying back and knocked over hers, and her neighbors' fence, her fingers working her clit. Her belly sat heavy and large, spherical as it grew bigger on her, while her breasts crawled along her sides as they widened and swelled. Her nipples, erect, pulsed slightly as milk leaked out. Her ass pushed her higher off the ground, her arms getting heavy from the fat and her thighs hanging to touch the ground. Even as Kate spread her legs further, she felt her thighs touched and she started to shake.

Cracks and crashes could be heard, though she paid them no mind, as her body grew over her house..and 4 neighbors' houses. Her feet knocked over a truck with a toe, pushing down the street. The ground shook, and Kate still swelled fatter and bigger. Her belly, though swollen large on top of her, flowed over her hand as through to trap it within her fattening thighs. Her tits knocked over houses as they got slowly bigger and Kate could only moan…

"I'm..I'm..gonna…CUM!" she screamed, loud throughout the neighborhood. The ground shook violently, as her fattening growing body took over more of it..and stopped.

Looking over herself, Kate sighed. Her belly sat round and swollen, huge on her and pushing into her groin. Her tits grew amazingly fast, her nipples swollen huge with leaking milk and areolas barely compensating for the size, and they sat so large, to a good distance on each side of her chest away..and still pushed together as they were still round and swollen. Her ass pushed her up in the air, and her thighs touched even as spread.

Pulling her hand out, soaked with her juices, Kate let it land beside her and crushed a house. Her body had taken over the town, and swollen huge with fat.

"Mmm..I'm hungry," she said aloud.
Kate's got a couple dreams come true. Taller AND fatter.
mrmanandu Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
I liked it! Short and sweet.
DiablosMX Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, thank you! I rather enjoyed writing it, though I don't delve into GTS process often.
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